Welcome to CITE.   Accreditation of substance and integrity for Faith Based Institutions.

We are glad that you found us and we hope that we as a supporting institution may be a viable part in bringing about the results needed to help grow your school in the best way possible for the glory of God.

CITE was chartered as a charitable corporation in the State of Pennsylvania to help establish, support, maintain, and promote the development of non-traditional (Faith Based), on-line, and other distance learning methods.
CITE fosters flexible, innovative, personal and corporate goals in meeting up to date faith based educational challenges.
CITE affiliated schools offer degrees which are absolutely legitimate, totally honorable, widely respected, and generally accepted within the Christian community.

CITE is a faith based accrediting agency serving private theological institutions such as Bible colleges, theological institutes and seminaries. These institutions may be campus as well as online and distant learning institutions. Accreditation by CITE requires all applicants to meet our very high standards in all areas of teaching staff (verifiable credentials) and curriculum. 

Because of our views, and our schools as well, concerning the separation of church and state, we have never applied to the U.S. Department of Education for any affiliation with the government. We are an independent accrediting agency not affiliated with the CHEA or the U.S. Department of Education.

We believe that you will find answers to many of your questions here on our site however, if there is any further information you would require please give us a call or send us an e-mail and we will promptly respond to your request. Thank you for considering CITE as the source for a legitimate, reputable, valid and affordable accreditation.

While there are certain advantages by being accredited through CHEA and the U.S. Department of Education, there are also huge disadvantages as well for Faith Based Schools.

1. The cost for accreditation through CHEA and the USDE is quite substantial, to the point of making it unreachable for many if not all Faith based Schools. This in turn makes the tuition cost sky rocket as well.

2. Although there are certain safeguards with CHEA and the USDE, there is also a huge deficit, being that as long as an institution is willing to pay its way through their complex bureaucracy organization , one is free to teach any kind of anti biblical subject known to man. Although CHEA and the USDE claim to be on the side of quality education, Biblical truth is not on their agenda.

3. Like mindedness. Faith Based Schools need the support of an agency that has the same core values toward Godly education  as they do. This is where CITE comes in. We at CITE believe that Godly education is the best education.

Dr. Paul Benjamin, CITE Director

Our director, Dr. Paul Benjamin has given the past 35 years of his life to the teaching of God's Word and finds no higher calling than to support those who have the vision to do the same. Dr. Benjamin and his team stand ready to help give your Faith Based Institution the support and credibility it needs to succeed in today's educational market.