Accreditation and Certification by the Council for Independent Theological Education is available to all Faith Based Christian educational institutions of higher education which meet the requirements. These institutions must have undergraduate and/or graduate programs.


The educational institution is not applying to receive full accreditation. Certification status is granted to the institution upon the association receiving the CITE application form , meeting the basic criteria of CITE and the institution's sole purpose of becoming an active certified member. This status can be granted to the educational institution not currently applying for accreditation. Each educational institution which seeks to receive Certification will fill out the application form and designate this option on the form. Upon review by the Board of Certification and Accreditation, the the educational institution will receive confirmation as to whether or not it has been approved.  (There is no on-site visit required.)  Each year the certified member institution will receive an abbreviated renewal form.


The educational institution has completed the Accreditation Candidate application process and has become fully accredited. The process also requires the submittal of the "Institution Compliance Analysis" report by the Accreditation Candidate educational institution. This submitted report is then reviewed in its entirety for approval by the Board of Certification and Accreditation.  If more requirements need to be met, the applicant will be notified as to the continuing process toward full accreditation with assistance from CITE in this qualification process. Inclusion of all information requested in the "Institution Compliance Analysis" report must be submitted to CITE. Each year the accredited institution will receive an abbreviated renewal form. (There is no on-site visit required)