Our application form is rather short because much of the information that we require can or should be obtainable through the educational institution's website. Should there be additional information needed we will contact you.


APPLICATION FOR CERTIFICATION/ACCREDITATION PLEASE NOTE: You can copy and paste this application into your document program and save to a file location on your computer or we can email you a copy of the form if needed. You can then open the file, fill in the information and then print it out to mail in with your payment in the form of a check or money order made payable to: CITE. Any returned check is subject to a $30.00 returned check fee and may disqualify you from submitting this form of payment in the future.

Once we have evaluated your application and it is deemed that you meet the guidelines of CITE we will issue your letter of recognition and certificate of accreditation upon receipt of the evaluation fee. Please notify us via e-mail that you have submitted your application so that we can e-mail you a confirmation upon receiving it. Date of Application: ______/______/______ PLEASE CHECK APPROPRIATE STATUS: ____Certification Status Fee - ($250.00) ____Full Accreditation Status Fee - ($500.00)


Name of Institution:_______________________________________________________________ Type of Institution: ____Bible Institute ____Bible College ____ Seminary

Mailing Address: ________________________________________________ City:____________________________ State:________________ Zip Code:____________ Phone Number: _________________ Web Site:______________________ Email:___________________

Date your school was first founded or began to operate: __________________  

Is your school incorporated as a non profit religious organization? __________ If so, please include a copy with this application (as well as any other legal papers connected with your school)

Does your state require your school to be registered with the Department of Education? _______ If so please include a copy of your registration. Is your school affiliated with a denomination or some local Church? ______ If so, please identify: ______________________________________________

Has your school been or is now accredited by another accrediting association? _____

If so, please identify:______________________________________________

Is your school registered with the Better Business Bureau? ______  

How many full or part-time faculty members or office staff do you have? ____ 

Does each faculty member have earned degree(s) in the fields in which they are involved? _____

(Should the need ever arise, would you be willing to provide proof of faculty degrees?)

 Are you in general harmony with the Doctrinal Statement of CITE _____

How many resident students do you have? _____

Number of current online students: _____  

Do you maintain a library (either physical or digital) accessible by your students? ____ 

School catalog:   Obtainable on website?  yes___  No____

Photo of your campus or building where your office is located. (Please attach)

Copy of the school's letterhead.  (Please attach)

Photographs of the educational and office facilities. (Please attach)

Please indicate anything you wish to be returned and provide a self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage affixed.

STATEMENT OF AFFIRMATION We, the Officers of (name of your institution): _________________________________, hereby request membership and evaluation for accreditation through the Council for Independent Theological Education. We are in general agreement with the statement of faith of CITE and promise to pursue excellence and accountability in our educational endeavors. We agree to place on our website the logo, link to CITE website and approved wording of accreditation. We acknowledge that this application may be refused if it is found that we have provided false and/or inaccurate information. We promise to adhere to and be guided by the guidelines for accreditation through CITE and will extend our fellowship to fellow members of CITE in accepting the transfer of credits for study from their institutions. Signatures of Officers as applicable: __________________________________ President __________________________________ Vice-President __________________________________ Secretary __________________________________ Treasurer